All about jogging, perfect tips to start

In the world of health, physical activity is one of the most important things to keep the body and mind in perfect harmony.

One of the practices that is booming is Jogging, which corresponds to an activity in which the individual exercises running outdoors. It is a widely beneficial exercise, which, far from being a competitive training, is done in order to improve health, feel good and in good shape.

What is jogging?

The word jogging is the term that is used to designate the activity of jogging. It refers to a smooth jog, at a moderate speed, where you must control your breathing and maintain motivation at a constant pace.

When you jog, the route has the characteristics you want, because you yourself set the speed, duration and the kilometers to travel.

Running is where the athlete runs, this is the main difference between these two activities that are usually very similar. This is why jogging is an activity where resistance is worked, but not speed.

What are the advantages of jogging?

Jogging is a discipline that is performed to improve physical fitness in general, it is an aerobic exercise that is excellent to contribute to the cardiovascular health of the individual.

It is an outdoor activity, therefore, any place is good for this type of exercise; It can be practiced alone or in a group, and it adapts to the schedule you have and the time you want to dedicate to it.

It can be practiced at any age, it prevents diabetes and strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and if you practice it regularly it will give you the feeling of physical well-being that you have always wanted.

Jogging helps to maintain your good spirits, as well as makes you feel better about yourself, improving your self-esteem; in some cases it promotes weight loss, a not inconsiderable collateral benefit.


What are the recommendations for jogging?

Here are some tips so that your activity is totally safe and you can do it continuously for the benefit of your physical condition.

Medical check

Before starting your jogging practice it is necessary to know exactly the physical conditions in which you find yourself, for this it is recommended that you do a prior medical check-up.


It is better to start the activity by jogging on a dirt road, not on asphalt or concrete, due to the stiffness of the surface, which can lead to hurt your tendons, knees or ankles.


Warming up is essential for all types of physical activity, doing a routine to condition your muscles before jogging is important. You must take the time to prepare your body, thus avoiding future muscle problems.

Plan your routine

At the beginning of your training try not to overdo it and start small, to avoid injuries. Stretching after finishing your routine is good for the muscles worked to relieve the load of training, it also prevents cramps.

Jogging Technique

Jogging is simple, you just have to take into account some recommendations that will help you get started in the activity by doing the exercise properly.

  • You should jog with your trunk upright, aligned with your feet and head, your arms follow the rhythm of your legs and your stride should be smooth, with your legs slightly bent.
  • Breathing is essential, it must be deep and according to the rhythm of the activity. Avoid places with traffic or a lot of pollution, so that you can breathe clean and pure air.
  • Take proper care of your hydration, drinking enough water before training is a good idea. If you feel the urge to drink water, do it, just try not to overdo it.
  • You must have comfortable shoes and clothes, according to the activity you are going to do.

Jogging whenever you have the opportunity and you will discover that doing this type of exercise daily you will not need anything else.

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