Mantenerse saludable a pesar del trabajo de oficina

Staying healthy despite office work

Currently there are many factors that affect health, the daily routine develops in a vertiginous way and sometimes it is difficult to maintain a rhythm of life that includes healthy habits.

Do you feel exhausted at the end of your workday? Do you feel aches and pains caused by lack of physical activity? All of this can be related to your area of ​​work.

The workday occupies most of the hours of the day, so to feel better during it, you must make significant changes to stay healthy despite office work.

How does your office work affect your health?

In work life you must spend long hours at the office, this implies spending many hours away from home, affecting eating, resting and exercise habits that we should do daily.

If these harmful habits are maintained, they cause discomfort, fatigue, drowsiness and other symptoms that affect the good work performance of the employee.

Little by little the physical порно damage begins to be felt, as is the case with back pain, migraines and a tendency to gain weight, in addition to other health problems related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Healthy habits in the office

In order to maintain a routine of healthy habits, it is recommended that you organize your time to take a necessary break and organize your time to make changes that will benefit your health.


Generally, if you spend the whole day at the office, you regularly take just a few minutes to satisfy your hunger with any snack; almost always fast food.

This type of routine is unhealthy, fast foods are heavy, and processed foods are difficult to digest, which has a negative impact on health.

A deficient intake of nutrients causes a decrease in some essential substances for the body, which alter the good mood, concentration and cognitive part of the person.

A balanced diet is the basis of a healthy routine, a person who eats properly, ingests the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body.


It is very important that, in addition to adequate nutrition, you drink plenty of refreshing water. Staying hydrated helps processes at the cellular level, contributes to the proper functioning of the organs, and makes you feel more vigorous, well-being and energetic, which improves concentration and performance.

Decrease harmful substances

Excess sugar is very harmful to the body, as well as the habit of drinking a lot of coffee; everything should be consumed in moderation. What should always be avoided are carbonated drinks, as they have high concentrations of sugar πορνο and dyes that are harmful to health.

Necessary and beneficial breaks

Spending so much time sitting many times encourages the person to adopt inappropriate postures for hours, which cause back and hip pain.

The recommended thing in these cases is to try to keep the body in a position that is comfortable but where the back is as straight as possible.

From time to time, you should try to get up and get moving, if you can walk a few meters much better, since this will help you reactivate circulation, and feel good because you stretch your legs.

Rest your eyes

The working day is mostly spent in front of your PC, so you can suffer from eye strain, red eyes, dryness and other discomforts.

It is a good idea to close your eyes for a few seconds, or if you prefer, get up and look out the window, this will rest your eyes and make your work more productive.

Putting these recommendations into practice ensures that your life can remain healthy despite long hours at the office; combining good habits with motivation and rest, you will find the perfect balance in your day to day.

Tony Hung and his most outstanding achievements

Tony Hung is a public figure, a consecrated actor who has undoubtedly left his mark on the artistic and social world of Hong Kong, a wonderful place where the colonial influence and the millenary tradition of Asian countries manage to combine to give space to modernity, the show and the enjoyment.

The versatile actor has worked throughout his career in films of different genres, from television and film dramas, to light comedy, through the very popular television series, where he always managed to maintain a level of professionalism and love for acting that is seen reflected in his impeccable performances.

In his role as presenter, he preferred to participate in travel programs, where he gives his point of view about distant lands or his native Hong Kong.

Biographical Data

Hong Yongcheng is the real name of the actor known as Tony Hung Wing Shing which he uses as a stage name for the world of Western cinema.

He was born on December 6, 1983, in Hong Kong when it was still under British rule.

In his early years, he lived with his family on Hong Kong Island, but they moved frequently due to the business of his father, a hardworking Taiwanese businessman who in search of a better income took the family to live on Robinson Road, Caine Road, Park Road, Tsim Sha Tsui and Tin Hau, all middle class and working class places.

School and studies

At age 10 he studied at the prestigious New Zealand Auckland Grammar School which is a public school in New Zealand that only graduates students who meet its high standard of education.

After graduating from high school, he returned to Hong Kong, where he attended the School of Professional Education at the University of Hong Kong and graduated with a degree in Marketing.


After graduating in 2005, Tony Hung joined the television channel Hong Kong Cable TV, where he joined the team of presenters that worked during the tour of a well-known and popular TV program called “Life is a Taste.” .

This program gave him the opportunity to open doors in the world of royal court series, since his relaxed style and the fun way to attract and maintain the interest of the audience captured the attention of executives, who saw in him a star among television presenters.

In 2008, he moved to Now Broadband TV to present programs related to travel and tourism, such as “One Earth” and “Shiyun Quan China”.

Throughout his career, he has made appearances on talk shows and games, which are very popular with the public, especially young people. In 2009 he published his first book called “Tony’s Secret Holidays”.

This anniversary of Taiwan in 2012 he led the team of a travel program called “Walk through the Beacon Land”, then he made special programs in which he toured the troubled Middle East area, in a dangerous shoot that lasted 40 days in cities like Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Georgia, Chechnya and eastern Turkey.

In 2013 he entered the world of dramatic series with “Unrequited Love Two Cities”, followed by works such as “Cheung Po Tsai”, “Internship Angel” and “In That Faraway Place-North Korea”.

In 2017 he participated in the romantic comedy “Taste of Heaven”, then the following year he played a role in the drama “Great Handsome Guy”, one of his last productions was the 2019 drama “Multifunctional Wife”. He just finished his work on “El oro es el culpable”, getting good reviews for his acting performance.

For a multi-faceted actor like this, many successes are expected in the future of his career. Those who enjoy their work are eager to see it again on the big screen.

All about jogging, perfect tips to start

In the world of health, physical activity is one of the most important things to keep the body and mind in perfect harmony.

One of the practices that is booming is Jogging, which corresponds to an activity in which the individual exercises running outdoors. It is a widely beneficial exercise, which, far from being a competitive training, is done in order to improve health, feel good and in good shape.

What is jogging?

The word jogging is the term that is used to designate the activity of jogging. It refers to a smooth jog, at a moderate speed, where you must control your breathing and maintain motivation at a constant pace.

When you jog, the route has the characteristics you want, because you yourself set the speed, duration and the kilometers to travel.

Running is where the athlete runs, this is the main difference between these two activities that are usually very similar. This is why jogging is an activity where resistance is worked, but not speed.

What are the advantages of jogging?

Jogging is a discipline that is performed to improve physical fitness in general, it is an aerobic exercise that is excellent to contribute to the cardiovascular health of the individual.

It is an outdoor activity, therefore, any place is good for this type of exercise; It can be practiced alone or in a group, and it adapts to the schedule you have and the time you want to dedicate to it.

It can be practiced at any age, it prevents diabetes and strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and if you practice it regularly it will give you the feeling of physical well-being that you have always wanted.

Jogging helps to maintain your good spirits, as well as makes you feel better about yourself, improving your self-esteem; in some cases it promotes weight loss, a not inconsiderable collateral benefit.


What are the recommendations for jogging?

Here are some tips so that your activity is totally safe and you can do it continuously for the benefit of your physical condition.

Medical check

Before starting your jogging practice it is necessary to know exactly the physical conditions in which you find yourself, for this it is recommended that you do a prior medical check-up.


It is better to start the activity by jogging on a dirt road, not on asphalt or concrete, due to the stiffness of the surface, which can lead to hurt your tendons, knees or ankles.


Warming up is essential for all types of physical activity, doing a routine to condition your muscles before jogging is important. You must take the time to prepare your body, thus avoiding future muscle problems.

Plan your routine

At the beginning of your training try not to overdo it and start small, to avoid injuries. Stretching after finishing your routine is good for the muscles worked to relieve the load of training, it also prevents cramps.

Jogging Technique

Jogging is simple, you just have to take into account some recommendations that will help you get started in the activity by doing the exercise properly.

  • You should jog with your trunk upright, aligned with your feet and head, your arms follow the rhythm of your legs and your stride should be smooth, with your legs slightly bent.
  • Breathing is essential, it must be deep and according to the rhythm of the activity. Avoid places with traffic or a lot of pollution, so that you can breathe clean and pure air.
  • Take proper care of your hydration, drinking enough water before training is a good idea. If you feel the urge to drink water, do it, just try not to overdo it.
  • You must have comfortable shoes and clothes, according to the activity you are going to do.

Jogging whenever you have the opportunity and you will discover that doing this type of exercise daily you will not need anything else.

How to create a Podcast program?

Podcasts are currently very popular, since by means of an electronic device it allows you to enjoy an audio format that can have very varied, interesting and specific content.

The audio format allows the content to be broadcast to reach the public that is looking for this type of information more quickly. Below you will see how in a few steps you can create a podcast program.

What is a podcast?

They are a series of files with specific content recorded in audio and transmitted through the Internet to users who seek information related to the subject on the web.

Podcasts can be recorded in different formats, generally featuring interesting interviews or reflections on a topic made by a particular individual. An interesting fact is that you have the possibility of downloading the content and listening to it later even without being connected to the internet.

Reasons to make a podcast

One of the reasons why more and more people are inclined towards the idea of ​​making a podcast is because currently the audience for this type of digital content is constantly increasing.

This means that you have the possibility of reaching a larger number of potential users, which represents a benefit for your digital marketing strategies.

If you make a podcast, you have the opportunity to show your presence on the web, advertise your business and create a community according to your interests or field of work, which is also attractive to a large number of people.

How to create a Podcast program

Podcast Types

The formats through which podcasts are commonly made are the following:


In the episodes that have this format they show an alternative interviewee, almost always related or expert in a particular subject. One of the points in favor of this type of podcast is that you will have the network of users who are connected, plus all those who are part of your guest’s network.


Broadcasting content through informational podcasts is attractive to the audience, as it presents topics of interest in a summarized way and with a tone similar to the news headlines of radio programs.


It is a format similar to the podcast of interviews, only that this time there is more than one interviewee, expressing all their points of view in debate.


It shows the information that a person presents on a subject of which they must have extensive knowledge and handle it properly. Your way of directing the podcast must be fresh, original, interesting, and fluid, in order to capture the audience’s attention.

How to create a podcast?

To make a podcast you must complete a series of steps that go from creating the work plan, going through the technical specifications, recording, distribution and publication to promoting it.

In this sense, the work plan is very important, in this step you will have to specify essential aspects of your project that attract the audience, such as the name, the theme and the description.

Then you must provide yourself with all the essential tools to carry out the recording, such as: microphones, headphones, PC, software, recording room and equipment to carry out the necessary adaptations; using an area isolated from noise, among other things.

At this point you must also choose the platform within which you are going to publish your podcast once it is ready; It is also part of planning how the distribution of the space and its advertising will be achieved, which is essential to make your work known.

Then, look for the way to interact with the public and monitor the results of your publication, as it is important to know if the publication meets its objectives, since social network accounts are generally opened that integrate the community that the podcast is directed to. .