How to create a Podcast program?

Podcasts are currently very popular, since by means of an electronic device it allows you to enjoy an audio format that can have very varied, interesting and specific content.

The audio format allows the content to be broadcast to reach the public that is looking for this type of information more quickly. Below you will see how in a few steps you can create a podcast program.

What is a podcast?

They are a series of files with specific content recorded in audio and transmitted through the Internet to users who seek information related to the subject on the web.

Podcasts can be recorded in different formats, generally featuring interesting interviews or reflections on a topic made by a particular individual. An interesting fact is that you have the possibility of downloading the content and listening to it later even without being connected to the internet.

Reasons to make a podcast

One of the reasons why more and more people are inclined towards the idea of ​​making a podcast is because currently the audience for this type of digital content is constantly increasing.

This means that you have the possibility of reaching a larger number of potential users, which represents a benefit for your digital marketing strategies.

If you make a podcast, you have the opportunity to show your presence on the web, advertise your business and create a community according to your interests or field of work, which is also attractive to a large number of people.

How to create a Podcast program

Podcast Types

The formats through which podcasts are commonly made are the following:


In the episodes that have this format they show an alternative interviewee, almost always related or expert in a particular subject. One of the points in favor of this type of podcast is that you will have the network of users who are connected, plus all those who are part of your guest’s network.


Broadcasting content through informational podcasts is attractive to the audience, as it presents topics of interest in a summarized way and with a tone similar to the news headlines of radio programs.


It is a format similar to the podcast of interviews, only that this time there is more than one interviewee, expressing all their points of view in debate.


It shows the information that a person presents on a subject of which they must have extensive knowledge and handle it properly. Your way of directing the podcast must be fresh, original, interesting, and fluid, in order to capture the audience’s attention.

How to create a podcast?

To make a podcast you must complete a series of steps that go from creating the work plan, going through the technical specifications, recording, distribution and publication to promoting it.

In this sense, the work plan is very important, in this step you will have to specify essential aspects of your project that attract the audience, such as the name, the theme and the description.

Then you must provide yourself with all the essential tools to carry out the recording, such as: microphones, headphones, PC, software, recording room and equipment to carry out the necessary adaptations; using an area isolated from noise, among other things.

At this point you must also choose the platform within which you are going to publish your podcast once it is ready; It is also part of planning how the distribution of the space and its advertising will be achieved, which is essential to make your work known.

Then, look for the way to interact with the public and monitor the results of your publication, as it is important to know if the publication meets its objectives, since social network accounts are generally opened that integrate the community that the podcast is directed to. .

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