Grab Your Usb Mic And Create A Show – Podcast Is The New Blogging

While the birth of the internet can be traced back to technological advances that were made in the 1960’s in my mind the beginning of the web as we know it roughly took place in the mid 1990’s.

That’s when massive changed started to happen and more and more people had a computer connected to the world wide web in their home.

It took the best part of another decade for web logging to go mainstream and become what we now know as blogging.

i.e. Individual journalism delivered straight from this here armchair into your lap without influence of any media corportation or government. And what a fantastic ride it’s been so far.

Web 3.0 ?

Now another decade or so later I feel we can truly say we have entered a further evolution of the web.

While blogging started off mainly to be about the written word today’s mainstream bloggers are increasingly making use of audio and video to create radio podcasts of personal tv shows and those bloggers that are not doing it are being left behind.

There have been more than a few examples of bloggers that have had meteoric success seemingly coming out of knowhere to build massive audiences in short time periods.

Often if you look carefully you will see that these bloggers built their following using more than just the spoken word. Some like Derek Halpern of Social Triggers make great use of YouTube to build a following whereas as others like John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire have had massive success with podcasting.

For those of you that are a little too shy to show their face online then podcasting is the perfect way to try to get in on the actions and grow your audience.

 How To Get Started

Before you even start to thinking about all the technical considerations like which usb microphone you should use to record your show, you need to considered 1 very important question.

The foundation of any successful podcast or indeed blog for that matter is a well defined theme or niche.

The way to do this is to make two choice about your niche.

1 What is your sub-theme.

2) What is your sub-audience.

What do I mean by that? It’s probably best explained with examples.

A broad theme could be dogs and a broad audience could be animal lovers. You need to be much more targeted than that.

You need to choose a sub-theme like Poodle and then a sub-audience like for example breeder or people who like to do dog shows.

Your tagline is then something like… The Podcast About Poodles for Dog Breeders.

When you have correctly chosen your target suddenly you have immediate relevancy for some people. You are not relevant for most people but for a small set of people you are highly relevant and it’s easy to turn these people into raving fans.

The mistake many people make is to be way to broad in their chosen niche and they then come across and just relevant to nobody.

After than just be yourself and show your personality because these forms of media are as much about entertainment as they are information. Never forget that.


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