How To Stay Healthy And Carry On Blogging For Many Years!

We bloggers tend to sit at our computers far too much. If you are anything like me you will spend hours every day reading other peoples blogs and researching and writing your own blog.

Think about this for a second… when people go on long haul flights we wear special socks to prevent deep vein thrombosis. Sitting for long periods of time can literally kill you. It’s that dangerous!

So i wanted to make a quick post about what I do as a blogger to stay just a little bit healthier.

Work Standing Up

Firstly I have an ikea standing desk. It’s basically a cheap coffee table that I can sit on top of my regular desk that allows me to work standing up. Of course I don’t work standing up all day but it’s great to have the option. Next time you are sitting working on that blog post and you butt is aching think how you could continue working and be more comfortable standing.

 Install Fitbolt For Chrome

Fitbolt is a great little chrome app that prompts you every 30 minutes or so with a suggested exercise to keep you more mobile.

Each exercise only takes a minute. Some of the are done seated at your desk and some require you to stand up. The first day after I installed Fitbolt my muscules were actually aching from the exercises so I think the benefits from this little app are huge.

A word of advise though. Don’t turn it off. You have the option to dismiss the prompts if you don’t want to do anything. After the first few days I made the mistake of turning it off and I didn’t turn it on again for 1 week.

Allow yourself to dismiss it any time you don’t feel like doing it and do the exercises when you do feel like doing it. I guarantee you’ll feel better.

Eat A Healthy Diet

I’ve found that the best way to do this is have healthy food on hand that is ready to grab when you need it. When you are absorbed in writing you sometimes don’t want to stop to go and cook, or go the shops. If you are not careful you can end up eating low quality convenience food. I often found myself munching on chips or eating unhealthy sandwiches while continuing to type out a post to a deadline.

My solution was to purchase a slow cooker and make massive pots of  healthy paleo soup. During the day I keep the slow cooker on a low heat and the soup is always there ready to go. I don’t need to go to the shops and I don’t need to cook anything. This means my flow isn’t interupted and I can continue to work, by sticking to low carboydrate paleo soups I stabalise my blood sugar when helps because I don’t suffer from the post lunch fatigue that can disrupt productivity.

Take A Break

The last thing that I would advise is to try to take time outs away from the computer altogether. Getting back into the real world will make you a better blogger in the long run. That’s why I’m a short break this coming weekend to Prague. Thanks to Ally from I’ve streamlined my carry on luggage got everything I need in only one bag and I’ll be taking plenty of exercise when I’m there. Yeah I know I still need to spend time away from the computer on a daily basis but a weekend bread is a start. I hope to have a daily exercise regime built around my blogging life when I come back.

That’s about it. Your health is important folks. And as much as I love good writing your health is way more important than your blog. These 3 things combined have vastly improved my health and I’ll be able to carry on blogging for a good few years yet!



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