The Saddleback Leather Company. Great Briefcases or Great Marketing? What’s Their Secret?

The business world is not always easy to break into.  Most companies begin with an idea, an investment, and then a fanatical amount of marketing.  Some companies find a magical product that nearly markets itself.  Other companies find success through unique marketing techniques.  Saddleback Leather Company seems to have found its magic in the combination of the two.


Dave’s Original Bag. Still going strong!

Saddleback Leather Company has created very expensive and popular leather briefcases thought by some to be the best leather briefcase money can buy.  They are both fashionable and durable, with one hundred year warranties.  The cases are meant to survive in a wide variety of environments and to last a lifetime.  In fact, the company is more concerned with the product than with quantity sold.  The founder seems to be very personable and has a way of connecting with potential buyers.  In spite of his wildly successful product, he still works closely with the company and releases blogs about the products. He even creates amusing YouTube videos that inadvertently address the quality of the product.  One particular video explains how to create a knockoff Saddleback bag by explaining the importance of quality leather.  Not many company founders are that personally involved with the marketing.  There is no professional marketing that can replace a down-to-earth founder with a sense of humor.


The Saddleback’s founder travelled the world.  He dreamt of a leather case that would last through his travels while taking on a life of its own.  His initial case was a custom creation for himself in Mexico.  The case was fashionable, durable, and had personality, which received many compliments.  This kicked off the company.  The story is both entertaining and endearing.  It also does a great job of demonstrating the outlook of the company.  Many companies claim to care for quality, but the Saddleback Leather story clearly shows what the cases were designed for.  The story itself works to market the cases in a way that no professional marketing company can.  It doesn’t hurt that there are pictures of these cases everywhere from India to underwater.

Saddleback Leather is in demand because of its quality.  The original product was created to be durable and last a lifetime.  The cases take on lives of their own as they travel with you to work or to the other side of the world.  The marketing that Saddleback Leather does works because it is very personal and down to earth.  The founder seems very approachable and modest in spite of his success.  He created a wildly successful company with fanatical followers, but chooses to talk about family and travelling when telling his story.  Saddleback Leather seems to have found the magic combination of quality product and personal marketing, and has become a great success because of it.  There are many great bags out there.  There are many companies with amazing marketing.  However, Saddleback Leather seems to have found just the right combination of product and promotion.

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