4 Unusual Ways To Go Jogging

Sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to get us off the sofa and working out.

We scoured twitter and facebook to find some imaginative ways people are working. Hopefully you might see something that inspires you. Remember christmas is coming soon and you’re probably going to put on a few pounds so why not go for a preemptive strike and lose some weight so you can overindulge in festive treats guilt free.

1. Jogging At Your Desk


Who says you need to go out side to go jogging! If you are anything like us at DJI you might find it hard to drag yourself away from your electronic gadgets sometimes why not bring the jogging experience to your desk with a treadmill desk!  An custom treadmill desk can set you back more that $1500 but you could equally build your own with a second hand treadmill from ebay and a adjustable desk from ikea.

2. Steal A Baby

Steal A Baby

No don’t actually steal a baby! But people will think you have when you go jogging with one and a jogging stroller. If you have a baby already you are half way there. Get yourself a stroller like these. If you don’t have a baby get yourself a husband/wife here or borrow a baby from a friend or relative.

3. Jogging Under Water 

Jogging underwater is not only great for rehabilitation from injury but it gives you all the benefits of jogging without the risk of injury from impact. An aqua jogger belt will suspend your body in deep water at shoulder height and allow you to perform the jogging motion underwater.

4. Go Jogging In Virtual Worlds

Typically with gaming you only get to exercise your fingers and thumbs but that could all be about to change in the future. Devices such at the  Virtuix Omni could be set to revolutionise both gaming and exercise. The idea for their 360 motion treadmill is both simple and effective. There is no conventional treadmill belt but simply slidy shoes and an inclined surface work together allow the user to run. Check out the video above to see that you really can run with these things. You can see more videos at the Virtuix website

Anything Take Your Fancy?

I don’t know about you but I’m seriously taken by the idea of jogging and gaming at the same time. I haven’t played video games in years because I couldn’t justify the time spend on it, if it was combined with exercise it could be a great way to get fit and have some fun too.

Let me know if you have been inspired to get moving in the comments.

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