Chris Hadfield Joins The Movember Team

I spotted on Mashable that Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has signed up to play his part in the Movember campaign to raise awareness of mens health issues.

Chris is the proud owner of the finest mustache mankind has ever sent into orbit so it’s fitting that he is involved in the Movember fund raising efforts that feature mustaches throughout the month of November.

YouTube videos make a humerous play on the informational videos that Chris made while he was in space. He is seen back on earth making videos about how gravity will pour milk into your cereal bowl and other mundane topics. It’s all in good humor, for a good cause and totally worth checking out.

But when it came to the cruch I couldn’t mention Chris without posting his amazing cover version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity recorded on the international space station.

This video still blows me away and it’s almost 19 million hits on youtube are way too small for my liking.

Ain’t it funny that we can send a man into space with all that technology and ingenuity but one of the coolest things he can do there is whip out his six string and sing a pop song.

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