We Delighted To Anounce The Relaunch Of Deep Jive Interests

The web was always social right from the beginning. Even back in the days of dial up people were chatting online in USENET, chat rooms and forums and webmasters connected with each other from not long after the first websites were created.

Social Web

What’s has changed with the rise of social media is that the social aspect of the web has become more accessable to the general public. First all the college kids were on Facebook, then… SHOCK your mum was on Facebook and finally your Gran arrived and the social web had reached mainstream society.

The reasons for this are twofold. First, improvements in the web programming technology. Yes Facebook is really just a rehash of MySpace but they did it better making it more accessable. Secondly, the improvements in the hardware technology and increased bandwidth.

It’s much easier to get your gran using a wifi tablet than it would have been to get her hunched over a mamoth desktop on dial up waiting 3 minutes for a photo to slowly reveal itself.

Deep Jive Interests has been relaunched to monitor and comment of the continuing evolution of the social web. We have a long history of bringing you news and comment on current events online.

The site was first developed by Tony Hung who subsequently gave up blogging to pursue a career in medicine. Then followed a period of decine when the site was subject to hacking attacks and left to neglect. 

Now Deep Jive Interests is under my stewardship and I hope to return the site to it’s former glory.

Charlie Barr



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